The AlgoFund500 boutique investment fund

WHY CHOOSE AlgoFund500?

AlgoFund500 optimizes your revenue potential by combining advanced algorithmic trading
technology with human experience and expertise.

The AlgoFund500 Advantage:

• A proven record – consistent past performance of 60% annual growth
• Fund held on an FCA and FSCS regulated platform
• Easy, fast, secure transfers and withdrawals
• A fully managed solution – no knowledge or experience required
• FSCS fund insurance for up to 85,000 GBPound

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Setting up your investment account is simple, fast and seamless. From the second you sign up, our well-informed, professional team will be with you every step of the way.

Becoming an AlgoFund500 Investor:


Fill in the brief form and receive a
phone call from one of our
representatives to address
all your queries and provide
important information about the fund


Complete sign up, using the
registration link you receive via email
and then upload your ID verification
documents, in compliance with FCA regulations


Using the account details you receive
via email, deposit funds in your new
account and start to grow your

You can access your account to withdraw your capital or simply check your account balance


Is your capital working hard enough?
While the average return from your bank is unlikely to exceed 1%-2% a year, at AlgoFund500 you could earn a potential 60% annual return on investment.
Get on with your day, while our advanced, fully automated machine-learning algorithm monitors multiple markets simultaneously, 24/7 to identify and exploit lucrative opportunities, on your behalf.



Our fund is held on an multi-licensed platform ensuring that clients benefit from the security, trust and transparency that comes with full regulatory compliance. It implements strict data security measures and client verification protocols, provides client account coverage of up to £85K, is partnered with a regulated London-based broker and maintains segregated company and client accounts at the eminent Natwest Bank.
While AlgoFund500 is a relative newcomer to the online financial investing arena, it has already firmly established its credentials and a number of large corporate clients are
already invested with the fund.
In addition, the platform’s highly experienced fund managers and fully automated algorithmic trading software do the trading on your behalf, so if you are taking your first steps in the financial arena, you can invest with peace of mind, since no prior market knowledge is required.



The AlgoFund500 Fund is driving innovation in the online investing space. With a global reach and a personal touch it provides a secure, versatile and results-driven investment opportunity for every type of trader.
What sets the AlgoFund500 Fund apart from its competitors is the fact that it takes a hybrid approach that benefits from the speed, efficiency and broad functionality of its patented algorithmic trading software, as well as the intuition and experience of an expert team.
Our sophisticated, automated system identifies and takes advantage of the most promising investment opportunities, eliminating the risk of human error. Meanwhile, the 24-hour
supervision of our fund managers enables human intervention in times of extreme market upheaval, providing an added layer of oversight and security.


Flexibility is key and the AlgoFund500 fund enables you to completely control your risk to return ratio. The terms of your investment can be changed at any time if you wish to switch to a more conservative or aggressive plan in response to a shift in market conditions.


Rapid and reliable, the AlgoFund500 algorithm identifies profitable trades, assesses the risk, decides on the size of the position, and determines the entry point. If the trade is highly profitable it knows how to increase the size of a position, at just the right moment to earn the maximum return. Conversely, if the trade takes a downward trajectory, the algorithm is hard coded with automated hedging to protect your capital and minimize any potential losses.


The AlgoFund500 system adapts and evolves market strategies, continuously analyzing the market and adjusting to current conditions to achieve optimal results.


There are no management fees required, just a performance fee. We simply take a percentage of the profit we make for our clients throughout the month.


Our smart algorithm can identify profitable opportunities, establish risk/reward ratio and execute the trade in seconds


As an account holder, you can always access your account, making deposits or withdrawals instantly and simply, at any time.


Advanced, fully automated algorithmic trading software, designed to identify and exploit emerging market opportunities


Personal, dedicated support and guidance, accessible the minute you need it from a team of skilled industry professionals


Expert fund management from experienced investment specialists
with a wealth of global market knowledge and insight


Pick the plan that best meets your specific investment needs


Best suited for large entities (starting from 100,000 EUR)

An expected average gain of 2% a month with close to zero risk


Designed for clients of all sizes
An expected gain of 5-10% monthly (based on past result)


Entry level of 20,000 EUR

An expected gain of 10%-17% that comes with a higher level of risk

Suited for customers who are looking for high returns


Best suited for larger clients starting from 100,000 EUR
The package can be tailored to the investor’s unique needs, with the creation of a customized fund.
For further details please speak with one of our dedicated portfolio managers

High Performance

The Performance of our algorithm in the last 6 months 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes ,we work with brokers that are FCA regulated. All funds are segregated in Natwest and

ensured up to 85,000gbp

For every plan the minimum is different however it is optimal to start from 5000$. There is an

option for a 1 month trial to start with 500€

No ,there is no knowledge needed ,our expert money managers and proven algorithms take

care of everything.. The only requirement from the client’s side is an initial investment.

Unlike most funds who charge a sign up fee, management fee, and performance fee we do

not believe in charging our clients just for holding their capital.The only fee we take is a

performance fee. That is a percentage of the net profit generated over a month’s interval of

trading.This way our investors can feel safe in knowing that we must turn them a profit for us to

to turn a profit

That entirely depends on how much you are investing with. Clients starting with 500-1000

are currently gaining about 2-4% monthly. However, our clients starting with an optimal amount

of 5,000 or more can gain about 5-10% on avg.

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The AlgoFund500 Boutique Investment Fund