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Team of the best brokers for algo trading

Algofund500 is team of the best brokers for algo trading in europe and not only. Our fund is held on an multi-licensed platform ensuring that clients benefit from the security, trust and transparency that comes with full regulatory compliance. It implements strict data security measures and client verification protocols, provides client account coverage of up to £85K, is partnered with a regulated London-based broker and maintains segregated company and client accounts at the eminent Natwest Bank.
While AlgoFund500 is a relative newcomer to the online financial investing arena, it has already firmly established its credentials and a number of large corporate clients are
already invested with the fund.
In addition, the platform’s highly experienced fund managers and fully automated algorithmic trading software do the trading on your behalf, so if you are taking your first steps in the financial arena, you can invest with peace of mind, since no prior market knowledge is required.

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Is your capital working hard enough?
Algofund500 is team of the best brokers for algo trading and while the average return from your bank is unlikely to exceed 1%-2% a year, at with us you could earn a potential 60% annual return on investment.
Get on with your day, while our advanced, fully automated machine-learning algorithm monitors multiple markets simultaneously, 24/7 to identify and exploit lucrative opportunities, on your behalf.


best broker for algo trading
best broker for algo trading
best broker for algo trading
best broker for algo trading


Flexibility is key and the AlgoFund500 fund enables you to completely control your risk to return ratio. The terms of your investment can be changed at any time if you wish to switch to a more conservative or aggressive plan in response to a shift in market conditions.
Algofund500 is team of the best brokers for algo trading and supervision of our fund managers enables human intervention in times of extreme market upheaval, providing an added layer of oversight and security.


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Miles Green

Private investor

i love them! i’m getting about 7000 eur every month as part of the profit and they even pushing me to do that.
in 2020 i made 67% profit


Nikolas Christodoulou

Head of financial advisor | cyprus fund

greate company constantly in touch 24 support. top result and all the time fund are available
our fund with them made us 145% last year

automated investing

Lily Wright

Head of trading department | gb capital

algofund made a revolution in our trading result.
less pressure more profit mean happy customers.

automated investing algo funds

Graham Evan

algotrading department advisor | fintech capital

the algofund algorithm amaze me that actually work by itself
the combination of humans traders and algorithm is powerful
we double the roi for our clients since we are using their service

The AlgoFund500 Boutique Investment Fund