How It Works?

Algofund500 Unique Algo Strategy

The system trades on 28 FX pairs, and 2 algo strategies are used for entry:

“Volatility breakout” strategy, where the EA will trade in the direction of strong price movements.
“Return to Mean” strategy, where the EA will exploit the fact that price always returns to the mean price.

The main focus when developing the EA was safety. It also strives to achieve much higher returns than the average grid trading system, by spreading risk amongst multiple pairs and strategies which all have a limited effect on the account-equity. Whereas most cost averaging systems put your account at high risk during extreme volatility, our system will only take a small loss and recover very fast. The EA has been stress-tested for a period of 18 years and passes all those years successfully without a high drawdown


The AlgoFund500 system adapts and evolves market best algo trading strategy, continuously analyzing the market and adjusting to current conditions to achieve optimal results.


There are no management fees required, just a performance fee. We simply take a percentage of the profit we make for our clients throughout the month.


Our smart algorithm can identify profitable opportunities for best algo trading strategy at the moment, establish risk/reward ratio and execute the trade in seconds.


As an account holder, you can always access your account, update your algo strategies and make deposits or withdrawals instantly and simply, at any time.

How the system identify the best algo trading strategy

It first scan all the buying orders and selling orders include future orders and conclude who is stronger the buyers or sellers
most of the investors/ traders mistakenly think that an assets are going up because there are more buyers than sellers or going down when there are more sellers than buyers but this is not true the number of seller and buyers (by amounts )will be the same because for a trade to happen you need seller and a buyers if there is only buyer/seller there will be no deal .of course could be 1 buyer with 10000 and 2 sellers of 5000 but stiil the amount has to be equal.

Minimal Risk

Yield with minimal risk and with a free trial

As You Wish

Deposit at any time, Withdraw at any time

Quick Results

results can be seen inthe first few weeks

You Can Trust

Over a decade of experience in the field

Profit by Algorithm

Profit optimization bya performance-based algorithm

No Experience Needed

No previous experience and familiarity with the field is required

Our unique feature for algo strategies

The real thing that moving a trade up or down is how enches /determined / excited are the buyers/sellers if the buyers are more determined they will be ready to pay more for the assets the price will move up and of course if the seller are more determined than they will be ready to accept less just to get read of the assets and the price will go down .
For identifying this actual feeling of investors/traders the algorithm is meesering parameters like size of orders and how fast they are being executed and many more, than it compares with past data from his history. This algo strategy feature is unique for Algofund500.


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Best algo trading strategy - The best of both worlds

The AlgoFund500 Fund is driving innovation in the online investing space. With a global reach and a personal touch it provides a secure, versatile and results-driven investment opportunity for every type of trader.
What sets the AlgoFund500 Fund apart from its competitors is the fact that it takes a hybrid approach that benefits from the speed, efficiency and broad functionality of its patented algorithmic trading software, as well as the intuition and experience of an expert team who supervises the investment in order to keep on running with the best algo trading strategies all the time.
Our sophisticated, automated system identifies and takes advantage of the most promising investment opportunities, eliminating the risk of human error. Meanwhile, the 24-hour
supervision of our fund managers enables human intervention in times of extreme market upheaval, providing an added layer of oversight and security.

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Miles Green

Private investor

i love them! i’m getting about 7000 eur every month as part of the profit and they even pushing me to do that.
in 2020 i made 67% profit


Nikolas Christodoulou

Head of financial advisor | cyprus fund

greate company constantly in touch 24 support. top result and all the time fund are available
our fund with them made us 145% last year

automated investing

Lily Wright

Head of trading department | gb capital

algofund made a revolution in our trading result.
less pressure more profit mean happy customers.

automated investing algo funds

Graham Evan

algotrading department advisor | fintech capital

the algofund algorithm amaze me that actually work by itself
the combination of humans traders and algorithm is powerful
we double the roi for our clients since we are using their service


How to become an AlgoFund500 Investor

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Complete sign up, using the registration link you receive via email and then upload your ID verification documents, in compliance with FCA regulations

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