What is algo trading? all the answers to your questions

Yes ,we work with brokers that are FCA regulated. All funds are segregated in Natwest and

ensured up to 85,000gbp

For every plan the minimum is different however it is optimal to start from 5000$. There is an

option for a 1 month trial to start with 500€

No ,there is no knowledge needed ,our expert money managers and proven algorithms take

care of everything.. The only requirement from the client’s side is an initial investment.

Unlike most funds who charge a sign up fee, management fee, and performance fee we do

not believe in charging our clients just for holding their capital.The only fee we take is a

performance fee. That is a percentage of the net profit generated over a month’s interval of

trading.This way our investors can feel safe in knowing that we must turn them a profit for us to

to turn a profit

That entirely depends on how much you are investing with. Clients starting with 500-1000

are currently gaining about 2-4% monthly. However, our clients starting with an optimal amount

of 5,000 or more can gain about 5-10% on avg.

The AlgoFund500 Boutique Investment Fund